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tear up a piece of paper.
to perform with great
energy & flair. 
tear it up on
the dance floor. 
to compete extremely well, to trounce the competition.
tear it up and start again. 
 joyfully creating a ruckus.
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Do you have a business, project or event that needs to evolve? Have you been thinking about how to begin the process of getting your business, project, product or event out there? Branding is the first place to begin, and graphic design and branding are the all important facets that you can utilise to begin this process.


I truly love seeing a clients desires for their project come together utilising the process of Branding and Design. Process it is, and it can be an incredibly enjoyable journey to step into a previously unimaginable vision for your project. It’s been my pleasure to see how branding can truly ignite and propel my clients to the next level of their business. 


The road ahead of any project or business can be daunting and uncertain at times, and Branding is a key strategy you can implement as a sign post to inspire, and solidify your business objective and vision to yourself, and to your market.


Being curious, willing and brave is the beginning of this journey and I would love to be part of this process.

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Vanessa Fernandez

Featured Brand

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‘You know you’ve struck gold when your target market comment on the beauty of your branding. When we first started working with Vanessa, our business idea was just a concept. She brought our concept to life, gave it a soul and created something stunning. The logo she created has been animated for video, and she has built a website that can continue to evolve as our business does. She has also done class photography for us, capturing the moments you usually have to be present to witness. We can’t wait to continue to work with Vanessa as whenever we do, the result is beautiful.’


Mamas from ‘Mama You’ve Got This’

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