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I began my design journey many years ago and finished school hoping to become an artist. I studied painting, photography, sculpture and then illustration, typography and graphic design and a very primitive web design amongst many other things within art and design. I truely have a toolkit of skills now! which I’m always drawing upon.


I’ve worked in branding and marketing, in large and small organisations and spent time within design studios, enjoying the creative process of branding for projects within marketing teams, working on performing arts shows of varying genres and styles as well as exhibitions, education, philanthropy, corporate partnerships and food & beverage.


Building brands for short run shows/events, long term projects and businesses is affectively what I’ve been mastering within much of the work I’ve had the privilege of being involved in, and it is the complete diversity of these projects that has lead to my strength in branding effectively across varying industries.


I’d love to assist you on your brand journey. If you’re ready to create with me let’s chat.


Vanessa Fernandez

I can honestly say after over 20 years of experience as a designer, the visual communication of a clients needs and desires is what I enjoy most about my role. The process of getting to know a client and what their hopes and desires for a project is such a crucial part of my decision making process. It is fundamental to myself as a designer and is the driver for my own business in terms of creating happy clients who feel their brand outcome is bigger and better than they’d imagined. Seeing clients being propelled forward by the branding process is a key driver to why I continue to build my own business in this way.

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